Plagued by the solitary ague

Well, twenty-twenty was one helluva year. No need to recap the established. While we tried to get out and ramble as much as we responsibly muster, it was, in general, a downer. But one’s got to have the lows in order to recognize the highs. One pursuit of note: I accepted a Graphic Design position … Read more

Go Cougs neck gaiter

Because covering your face is the best way to stop the spread of COVID (for now) we needed to get something to the students … that they’d actually wear. Granted, all classes are online but there will still be the vast majority of the students that move to town. I was tasked with coming up … Read more

The Rushed Evolution of a COVID Campaign

Things were moving really fast and I was charged with coming with a basic group of assets that we could use to quickly churn out graphic materials. And by moving fast I mean, we had a meeting at like 9am and this needed to be approved and packaged by the afternoon. There were five basic … Read more

Lanie Naut

  My 3yo niece, Lanie, is really into being an astronaut right now.

In the throes of midsummer

We’ve finally hit peak weather: averaging upper 70’s with reasonable wind and occasional rain. The fields are lush with green and yellow. Skies are lightly painted with clouds, birds, and the occasional crop duster. This is the time of year that gets me through all of those harsh, shitty, winter/spring months. I’ve officially requested a … Read more

Just a reflection.

I had a thought today while out on a run. For the past three, four months or so, we’ve been hearing a lot of “we’re in the together” and “we’re here for you” from large companies and small businesses alike. Many of us who were fortunate enough to be able to support our local businesses … Read more

Dark Days

It’s not a good time in American history. We’ve got from our first Black President to nation-wide protests bringing attention to racial injustices. As a white man of privilege, who has been able to keep his comfy University job through the pandemic, and who has been able to go outside and run, bike, or just … Read more

The Second Half

While descending on the last few weeks of 2019, I’ve got say it’s been a helluva ride so far. I’m not only referring to this past year, but as my 40th birthday nears, this also is the half-way marker in my life. While it may seem instinctual to do something epic on the day of … Read more