Pour Company

The owners wanted a classic and clean word mark with a bit of flair. Being a craft beer bar & shop that focuses on the hard-to-find releases, I wanted to portray a sense of quality over quantity. I illustrated a snifter glass rather than a common pint glass. And of course, it’s tilted as if it’s about to pour. Ya dig?

We agreed on a limited color palette to keep things simple. Being that this is a finer establishment that caters to a specific beer customer, we wanted the focus of the establishment to be obvious from the logo. The last thing a new business owner wants is the wrong demographic getting the wrong idea and in-turn being upset about it.

Bold type making POUR with a slight arch and shadow gives the brand a playful character that has a bit of vintage class. The word “company” which is a part of the brand name but isn’t by any means the highlight, gets a script treatment but is smaller and all lowercase, which ads a softening and visually balances the rounded glass illustration at the top with the bottom.